Dunes West Golf and River Club Values Your Time

Enjoy a 4:15 Round of PlayHere at Dunes West, we strive to achieve a 4:15 pace of play, whether riding or walking, so that you'll have time to enjoy your round and our lowcountry hospitality at our exceptional facility. The team at Dunes West Golf and River Club values your time and is committed to ensuring an enjoyable experience for all golfers at all levels of play all of the time.


Be Prepared and Be Ready to Play

Our time par is the amount of time that we expect a round of golf to be played on our course. We always aim to to be under par, but rarely over par. To help us maintain our 4:15 pace of play at Dunes West Golf and River Club, we invite you to Play Ready Golf.

  • Select the correct set of tees for your experience level
  • Begin preparing for your next shot while approaching your ball
  • Each player should proceed directly to their ball
  • Limit your search for lost balls
  • Begin lining up your putt as the other players are taking their shot
  • Note your score as you arrive at the next set of tees, don't stand on the side of the green
  • Play Ready Golf which simply means play in the order of who is ready not who is away